Superpow is Here!

It’s here! RPP’s first ever book of stories, Superpow, is alive and well in eBook format! (Print is coming, never fear.) There will be more retailers shortly, but for now it’s available from these fine retailers…

At both Amazon and Smashwords, there are active previews where you can get a glimpse of Corinne Duyvis’s Pantheress from “The Masks of Sigma City”. Who doesn’t love a historical, lesbian superhero story? And that’s just the beginning of the weird and wonderful superpowered heroes (and villains) within.

Every penny goes to support the mag and our renewed commitment to spinning pulp fiction for the modern mind.  There are a lot of changes coming at RPP, and we consider this book the beginning of something beautiful. Also, it’s just damn cool.


Check out the page here for more information!


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Superpow for Everyone!

Superpow is a project that’s been years in the making. It’s The Red Penny Papers’ first anthology, and it’s all about–you guessed it, the superhero. Or, at least, the superpowered. Yeah, RPP is coming back with a bang, it’s true. Want to know more about Superpow? Keep an eye on the Superpow page.

Superpow cover by Astro

Cover by Astro

Superpow contains two new novellas, seven new short stories, and RPP‘s first ever poems. All the names will be familiar to longtime readers, as the table of contents is comprised entirely of RPP alumni from our first year of operation. Check it out:

The Masks of Sigma City – Corinne Duyvis (Novella)
Leather Boy v. The Zombie Horde – Fox Lee (Short story)
Birthplace Revisited – Edward Morris (Short story)
Lighting Time and the Time of Thunder – Alexandra Seidel (Poem)
Autumn of the Greatest – Alan Baxter (Short story)
Free, Proud, Imbued with Liberty – John Medaille (Short story)
Starlight – Milo James Fowler (Short story)
Ice Child – Alexandra Seidel (Poem)
Unsuper Translator – Louise Bohmer (Short Story)
Portrait of a Better Man – Jocelyn Adams (Short Story)
Bruiser – William Vitka (Novella)

As it says on the perma-page, Superpow is the first and only fiction The Red Penny Papers has ever charged for. So apart from just being a gorgeous collection of superhero pulp short fiction and poetry, it’s a great way to help us a little around the house. It’s also our first and only print book–yeah, that’s right, this thing is real and larger than life.

Join us for the release and RPP‘s reopening celebration on October 27th, 2014!

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Spring Announcements

Okay, so it doesn’t look that much like spring around here, but we’re getting there. Now RPP’s office has a new permanent location–and I have a permanent residence, not unrelated–we’ve remade our schedule for the rest of the year and moving into 2015 at full steam. Woohoo! After a very special publication this summer, which we’ll be talking about a lot in May, we return to our regular quarterly and serial schedule, the next few of which are ordered up and ready to go already. But not all.

Yes, we still have a handful of stories we’re waiting to respond to. With two email program crashes leading up to a final and spectacular Complete Computer Meltdown the week before our big move, all attempts to reorganize our submissions were unceremoniously blown away. Starting to feel kinda Sisyphean in here, isn’t it? Still, we did manage to begin relocating our intricate filing system to the webmail before the final blowup, so we managed to  keep some of our notes, at least.

Unfortunately, as a result, if you haven’t heard from us about your submission as of 11.59pm, Friday April 4th, it means we didn’t find a place for it in our upcoming schedule. We truly regret this necessity, and promise to never, ever do non-responses again. The email and computer goblins won this battle, but we’ll win the war.

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Miniview – Samantha Lienhard

Today we have an excellent treat–one of our little interviews with the author of our latest serial novella, now available in its entirety here on the site, The Book at Dernier. Thanks for stopping by, Samatha Lienhard!

1. RPP fell in love with The Book at Dernier because it reads like some of our favorite American Horror–Poe, Lovecraft, that great stuff we thrive on. Can you tell us a little about your influences and inspirations?

I think you just named my inspirations right there.

All right, there’s a little more to it than that. I decided I wanted to be an author when I was a kid, and I really loved Poe’s horror stories. It wasn’t long before I discovered Ray Bradbury and read everything of his I could find—and while I liked his science fiction, it was his horror fiction I fell in love with. To me, Poe and Bradbury showed me what short stories were, and I wanted my writing to be just like that. Of course, I didn’t think of myself as a horror writer for a long time. If you asked me several years ago what kinds of stories I wrote, I would have said, “Sci-fi and fantasy,” and if you pointed to all of my twisted little tales in which my protagonists met horrible fates, I would have muttered something about weird fiction.

Now, eventually I discovered H.P. Lovecraft. And it was like reading Bradbury for the first time all over again. This was what I wanted my writing to be. I read every Lovecraft story I could find, most of them late at night. Around the same time, a friend introduced me to the Silent Hill video game series. Up to then, I still made some weak protests about not liking horror, but I just couldn’t get enough of Silent Hill.

And at the height of my obsession with both Silent Hill and Lovecraft, a scene flashed into my mind. I’d been thinking about those times when you’re doing something you know you shouldn’t do, and you say, “I’m going to stop now,” and half an hour later you realize never stopped at all—and suddenly I saw Paul carving those symbols into his arm, unable to stop, unable to give it up.

I went home and started writing The Book at Dernier.

So for my overall horror influences, I would name Poe, Bradbury, and Lovecraft. The Book at Dernier builds on that base, but with an especially strong Lovecraftian influence and a dose of Silent Hill.

2. That explains so, so much. Brilliant answer! What else are you working on right now, where can we find it, and is it anything like your work on Dernier?

Well, I have several projects in the works now. I’m working on three novels, two of which are written and just need to be revised, and one that I’m still writing—it’s my thesis novel for Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program. Both my thesis and one of the novels I’m editing are dark fantasy/horror. The other novel is YA fantasy and is considerably more lighthearted. (Technically I started a fourth horror novel, but I only have a single chapter written.)

I’ve also been working on editing several short stories. At least two are very Lovecraftian in nature, along the lines of Dernier, but they still need work. So I’m afraid you can’t find any of these stories anywhere yet.

There are a couple of things I can point to you right now, though. This past October, my horror story “The Shape in the Sky” appeared at The Word Wood. It’s flash fiction, but if you want to see me drag another protagonist into the depths of insanity, you can find it here:

I also was contracted to write a few other flash fiction stories—“cold and twisted romance” stories, to be precise. In terms of mood and atmosphere, they have more in common with Dernier than they do with the romance genre. If you’re interested, you can find them here:

Links to all of my work can be found at my website (, and if you follow my website or Twitter (@SamLienhard), you’ll learn of any new developments as they happen.

3. The dreaded third question: How would you describe The Book at Dernier in one sentence?

A scholar goes to a small town and uncovers a secret that should have forever remained hidden, which brings the town’s past to the present and threatens his own sanity.

Perfect, thanks so much, Samantha! If y’all haven’t visited Dernier yet, why not head on over now…

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A quick note about submissions

For a number of reasons (feel free to ignore or read as you like or feel you need an explanation!), we are mortifyingly late getting responses back to everyone on our last reading period. However, we’re hoping we can set our new schedule and know just what we have to work with, freeing us up to send out our notices at last, within the next few weeks. We’ve asked so much patience and understanding this year of our lovely authors and artists–thank you so much for bearing with us. We will make it up to you in 2014–we really think you’re gonna love what comes next.

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Dernier: The End

The final, climactic, terrifying episode of Samantha Lienhard’s The Book at Dernier went live this weekend. Have you checked it out yet? You can start at episode 5, if you’re that far along, or go back to the table of contents and see it all.

Thanks for coming along for Paul’s ride into the darkness. Check back in a week or two for more with Samantha, plus those schedule announcements from RPP management.

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Episode 4, from Dernier

The action in Dernier is coming to a fever pitch as Paul tries to unravel the secrets of the book… through whatever means necessary. This weekend, Episode 4 of Samatha Lienhard’s The Book at Dernier went live. Come back next weekend for the grand finale!

Need to start from the beginning? Check out the table of contents–and Galen Dara’s fantastic cover in its full-sized glory.

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