Superpow for Everyone!

Superpow is a project that’s been years in the making. It’s The Red Penny Papers’ first anthology, and it’s all about–you guessed it, the superhero. Or, at least, the superpowered. Yeah, RPP is coming back with a bang, it’s true. Want to know more about Superpow? Keep an eye on the Superpow page.

Superpow cover by Astro

Cover by Astro

Superpow contains two new novellas, seven new short stories, and RPP‘s first ever poems. All the names will be familiar to longtime readers, as the table of contents is comprised entirely of RPP alumni from our first year of operation. Check it out:

The Masks of Sigma City – Corinne Duyvis (Novella)
Leather Boy v. The Zombie Horde – Fox Lee (Short story)
Birthplace Revisited – Edward Morris (Short story)
Lighting Time and the Time of Thunder – Alexandra Seidel (Poem)
Autumn of the Greatest – Alan Baxter (Short story)
Free, Proud, Imbued with Liberty – John Medaille (Short story)
Starlight – Milo James Fowler (Short story)
Ice Child – Alexandra Seidel (Poem)
Unsuper Translator – Louise Bohmer (Short Story)
Portrait of a Better Man – Jocelyn Adams (Short Story)
Bruiser – William Vitka (Novella)

As it says on the perma-page, Superpow is the first and only fiction The Red Penny Papers has ever charged for. So apart from just being a gorgeous collection of superhero pulp short fiction and poetry, it’s a great way to help us a little around the house. It’s also our first and only print book–yeah, that’s right, this thing is real and larger than life.

Join us for the release and RPP‘s reopening celebration on October 27th, 2014!

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