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Black Medicine Thunder and the Sons of Chaos by Aaron PolsonBlack Medicine Thunder and the Sons of Chaos
by Aaron Polson
Young Federal Marshal Sam Isherwood vs. the horrors in Broughton’s Hollow. First there are the trampled bodies, then the traumatized townspeople, then the hints of black magic. As if it’s not enough, with allies like Abraham Reaver, who needs enemies? A wild west showdown like you’ve never seen.
Particular Friends by Camille AlexaParticular Friends
by Camille Alexa
Jonathan DeWinter’s mother left him in the care of St. Barnaby’s Academy for Younger Gentlemen before disappearing years ago. Our oddly headstrong young hero longs for escape, but before graduation, a deadly mystery is dropped on his head. These are his adventures as he tries to discover who he is and why he’s in danger–with the help of the brash Augustine Lace, of course.
Pullen & Bumber’s Catalogue of Particulars
Story by Kirsty Logan • Illustration by Abigail Larson
A shocking collection of items, indeed! Nighttime visits, ripped undergarments, blood, and glinting teeth. What do these ladies get up to…?
Phantasy Moste Grotesk
by Felicity Dowker
When the freaky Black Eyed Kid shows up at his door to warn him, Josh Tarnell thinks it’s some kind of sick joke. If only he’d listened, maybe he and Erin would’ve been spared the horrors of Salioso’s House of Monsters, Moste Grotesk and Phantastique.Then again, some horrors, the ones we carry with us, are inescapable. Think you can make it through the show without flinching?
The Sons of Chaos and the Desert Dead
by Aaron Polson
Years after the Sons of Chaos wreaked havoc on Broughton’s Hollow, Marshal Sam Isherwood comes up against more of their dark death magic. This time he’s in the southwest… and it’s his little sister Evie’s wedding night.